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Are You “Pinning” Yourself into a Very Expensive Corner?

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Are You “Pinning” Yourself into a Very Expensive Corner?.


Why “Keeping up With the Joneses” {not the Kardashians} can be a Good Thing

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I don’t consider myself a follower of trends.  When it comes to design, I listen to my clients’ needs and wishes, and I do my best to make them happy.  Residential design is personal. Just like certain clothing colors or styles don’t look right on everyone, I believe certain home trends aren’t for everyone.  I want to create spaces that are timeless; therefore, I generally ignore what’s popular and go with what’s right.

Once again, I’m bucking my own rules.  I’m about to tell you about one design trend that I think you SHOULD follow.

Let’s talk about white kitchens.

They are arguably the smartest design choice for a kitchen.  They sell the best, are classic, and they can be easily updated to reflect a change in taste or color preference.  Think about it.  What other cabinet color can accommodate virtually ANY design style and yet be attractive to such a large percentage of people?

When I work with clients who are thinking about selling their home {even a few years down the road}, I recommend putting in white cabinets.  You can’t go wrong with white when it comes to selling a house.  Okay,.. let me rephrase that.  White trim-work is good.  White cabinets are good.  Every wall in the house?  NOT good.

So, what about those people {my husband included!} who can’t stand the thought of painting wood?  To them I have to say, “What wood won’t you grow tired of looking at in a few years?”  I understand where they’re coming from.  Some species of wood are gorgeous to look at.  Their character and beauty are unmatched.  I get that.  So, put it on the floor.  Use it for an island countertop, instead.  Don’t put it into cabinetry that covers several walls of the room!

I once talked with a contractor who put a hickory kitchen into his home because he absolutely loved the way the wood looked.  He topped them off with lively granite countertops.  Before he even finished what he was saying, I knew the problem.  The kitchen was too busy!!  The job was less than five years old and he regretted the purchase.  Whoa.  Talk about buyer’s remorse!  A kitchen can easily cost $10,000-$15,000 in a small market.  Now multiply that in light of the kitchen remodels you see costing $75,000 and more.  Do you really want to regret that purchase 5 YEARS down the road?!?

Pure white isn’t for everyone.  If snowy white isn’t your cup of tea, you could opt for a glazed finish or a creamier shade instead:

You could also cool down the look and go with a grayish white, for a more modern appearance:

Think all white is too boring?  How about painting the ceiling a daring color, like a bright shade of blue?  Use appliances, artwork, or chair cushions to pull in color.  Just like with any other design style, you should make it personal to you.

Sometimes, it’s important to pay attention to trends and what people are looking for in homes, because you never know when that information will be important to you.  If you’re looking at selling your home, you need to be viable in the market.  Anything you do that could be hindering the sale of your home will cost you money in the long run.


I live in a small town.  Trends used to not hit us here until months {or years} after they hit the cities.  Pinterest, Houzz, and the millions of blogs out there are bringing trends to us faster than ever before.  What we do with that information is our choice.   The same is true for this blog.  You can read it and think I’m full of hot air.  You may also see a glimmer of truth to it.. and that’s why I brought it up.  White cabinets are here to stay.  It may not be for you, and that’s fine.  You also may be in the home that you want to live in until the day you leave this earth.  If that’s the case, these words aren’t really meant for you, unless you’re planning a kitchen remodel. If that’s the case,.. consider white!

Keep choosing what works best for you and your home, and you’ll find that you don’t need trends to tell you that it’s a hit.