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My new sister-in-law Tabitha has been working hard at putting her personal touches into their home.  They’ve been married less than 6 months, and they have already completed several (mostly necessary) renovations.  She and I have discussed many future projects, and the next on her list of priorities is the living room.  We’ve decided on a navy, lime, and gray color scheme.  I have been slacking on the room layout part, but she’s moving forward with the accessories!  Look what she created this weekend: this adorable serving tray!

How cute is this?

image (10)

Here’s the best part:  She has been gracious enough to share with us how she made it!

* * * * *

If you are anything like me, there are dozens of crafty ideas swimming around in your head. Thanks to Pinterest, the ideas seem to multiply daily. I am convinced that I am one of the world’s worst decision-makers. With all these cute ideas, how can I pick just one? Where do I start? Usually, I just…don’t.

Well, I did it. I finally picked a quick, inexpensive, rewarding little project….AND THEN I COMPLETED IT! Sure, it only took a matter of minutes, but I completed it, and I think that’s really saying something. Actually, the fact that it did only take a couple of minutes is part of the reason I chose the project. The other reason is also always a winner—it was inexpensive.

How many of you have an extra baking sheet in the kitchen? What about one that is just so “well-used” that you have to put aluminum foil over it before every use because you can hardly stand the sight of it? We all have them. Be honest.


Have you ever thought about covering that ugly baking sheet with something a little more eye-catching than foil or parchment paper? Well, neither had I until I found a tutorial on how to turn an old cookie sheet into a cute serving tray. Serving trays are great because they can hold books, candles, the remote control, coffee, and the list could go on. One of my favorite future-uses of our ugly baking sheet turned serving tray is breakfast in bed!  Are you reading this, husband?  Really, who loves being surprised with breakfast in bed? And whose birthday is this weekend? (Ok, now I’m getting a little too personal, and I think my husband is wise enough to get the hint if he is, in fact, reading this.)

I’ve jabbered long enough. I know you’re probably ready for the part where I talk about what you’ll need and how to do it. Just one more thing before I get to that: this is a great, quick project that can be done in the 5-10 minutes that you are putting off washing dishes. Guess how I know. 😉

What you will need:

·         Baking sheet

·         Scissors

·         Spray adhesive

·         ½ to ¾ yard of fabric depending on the size of your baking sheet

·         A plastic spoon or knife (or something for “smoothing”)

·         Optional: felt to keep the tray from slipping on a surface


That’s really all you need. I got the idea from HERE, but I didn’t need as much fabric as she suggested.

Here’s what to do:

1. Cut your fabric large enough so that it completely covers the front of your baking sheet and a portion of the back (be sure to press it into the sides when you’re measuring or you may not have enough!)

2. Spray the front of the baking sheet with spray adhesive.

3. Place your fabric in the center of your baking sheet, making sure your print is straight (if you are using a printed fabric), and press the fabric onto the baking sheet starting at the top middle and working your way out and down.

4. Using a plastic knife or spoon, press into the edges and corners of the baking sheet until they become well defined. If you opt for using your fingers instead, you could become very sticky.

5. Flip the tray over and spray the back with adhesive. Pull the fabric tightly and press against the edges to create a smooth look, then adhere the rest of the fabric to the back.

If you want to, add some felt to the back, as well. This will keep your serving tray from slipping and sliding across your coffee table or counter.

Black felt works great to finish off the backside of your tray, as well as cover any rough edges

Now, you are the proud owner of a cute serving tray! Woohoo! Remember, the trick to this project is to pick a fabric that you like that works well with your room and design. Other than choosing the right fabric, I found this project basically fool-proof.

The finished product

* * * * *

Thanks, Tab, for sharing this quick, cute project!

How many of you are thinking about how many old cookie sheets you can turn into serving trays right now??   Go for it!   If you do, please share the results with us!



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