Introducing.. our $50,000 Home

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Welcome to my home!!

Today’s post is a little bit unique.  I’m giving you a tour of our home.. which, by the way, is worth approximately $50,000.  A designer with a $50,000 home.  Should be interesting, right?

Fall wreath 2013

If you missed my post on Friday, please read it!  I believe that everyone should be able to have a beautiful home that fits them – no matter what your background or budget.  Let me set the record straight:

Good design does NOT mean expensive design.. nor does expensive taste equal good design!

Since obtaining my design degree, I have put a lot of effort and time into creating my own home.  It’s our safe space, and it’s completely personal to us.

It has taken a combination money, sweat equity, creativity, and planning to get where we are today.  With the obvious cost involved and our limited financial resources, our house came together over time and not all at once.  By doing it a little bit at a time, there are lots of memories associated with our furniture and decor.  Each item has a story.

When you first enter our home, you come into the living room.  Here is your view from the front door.

Fall living room
Being able to get our furniture for a deep discount enabled us to buy all these beautiful pieces for a fraction of the price.

Much of the furniture in our home (especially the living room) came from my first job out of college. Like most designers do, I put in my time as a sales associate at a furniture store. I was fortunate to work for a small, family-owned company which felt like home to me.  This is where I met the love of my life!

This table is an heirloom piece that belonged to my great uncle. The flower arrangement was a birthday gift from my talented mother-in-law, who used to own her own flower shop!

From the living room, there is an open archway through which you can see our dining room.  These are my two favorite rooms in our house. Look closely in these pictures, and you can see my least favorite thing about this house: textured, plastered walls!  I wouldn’t mind the texture if it wasn’t for all the spots where it’s cracked and had to be repaired.

Looking from living to dining
Almost every item in this room has a special story or person behind it.. If and when we move to a larger home, most of these items are coming along!

Fall Dining Room

Fall Dining accents
I have a habit of getting “bored.” When I’m bored, I create. The buck silhouette and flower arrangement are two products of my boredom.

Our downstairs is the most finished because that’s what everyone sees when they visit.  Our upstairs rooms are still works-in-progress, but I’ll show you what is mostly finished so far:  The bathroom, master bedroom, and our daughter’s room.

The bathroom was the first thing remodeled in our house out of necessity. Looking back, I’m sure I would have picked a few things differently. However, we just changed a few of the accessories, and I am really liking the gray and white color scheme!


bathroom hooks
My mom gave this to me as a present at least 2 YEARS ago, and we just got it hung!

My husband and I have never bought a bedroom suite for our master bedroom.  As much as I would love to have one, it was never a priority for us.  We’ve collected a few pieces over our 6 years of marriage, including the nightstand shown: a cool trunk we scored at an auction!  We are planning to use the frame of our current – hideous! – headboard and turn it into an upholstered headboard.  The fabric and foam have already been purchased, so it’s just a matter of time…


The one piece we bought that we both fell in love with immediately was this dresser. It had a few nicks on the top of it, so we got it for a bargain!

The truth is, accessories make the home.  This beautiful art was bought on our honeymoon in Gaitlinburg, Tennessee.  I am so glad we splurged a little and made the purchase!  We still love it.

Last but not least is our daughter’s room. Alivia is a definite princess. Before her baby brother was born last summer, I wanted to make sure her “big girl” room was finished.  She moved out of a toddler bed and into a real one, although it’s just one a pop-up frame, because she still falls out of bed sometimes.  With the exception of window treatments, this room is done!  Like her mama, this girl has an eye for decorating.  She is very happy with her bedroom!

Princess Alivia's room

 We chose the wall color for her room right after we found out I was pregnant with her, and before we knew she was a girl. We figured this neutral tan would go with any decor.  I’m so glad we chose it, because all of her pink things would just not look as nice against another color!

Alivia's room
The night before I went into labor with our son Blake, I finished hanging this tree decal

 Here’s another prime example of how we pull things together.  At the Woodcraft Factory outlet store (where we also bought our dresser), we found this pink chest of drawers.  I had been looking for something that would fit into this space, and be short enough if needed to double as a changing table.  Of course, it was also equipped with matching pink knobs.  It was way too much pink.  I found these adorable pewter knobs on Lowe’s website.  I love the way they look!

Well, that’s our home – or at least the majority of it.  Did you enjoy the tour?  As I finish my Fall decorating, I’m sure I’ll be sharing some pictures of our front porch.  I hope you’ll stick around to see what project we have going on next!



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    Mildred Naylor said:
    March 30, 2014 at 1:04 am

    your home is beautiful.

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