Halloween DIY, Ya’ll

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So my Better Homes and Gardens magazine came in the mail today.  Yay!  And I started flipping through it when I came upon their Falloween Fresh Finds page.  Take a look at these fun Halloween ideas.

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine October 2013
Better Homes and Gardens Magazine October 2013

As soon as I saw the candles I was like, “I have to have them!  How much are they?”  Well, as you can see below.  From Mackenzie-childs.com they are $22 for a pair of tapered candle sticks.  Really?!  OK yeah, so quick project of the day.  Remake these candles!

All you need is Candles, Tape, and a Sharpie! 

**You could always use electrical tape if you are not planning on burning them – that way you can take it off and have perfect white tapered candles!!

Candles, Tape, and Sharpie
Candles, Tape, and Sharpie

Ok so I didn’t have any white tapered candles in my house, but I did have emergency candles from the dollar store!  I’m not about being perfect…if you want to be my guest.  Just wrap the tape around the candle and color in the open areas.  They won’t be perfectly black the first time you color them in.  Let the first one dry while you work on the second one, then go back and fill in a second or even a 3rd if you want it to be solid black.


Simple, easy, and really just let your kids do it (if you have kids).  It took all of 10 minutes to complete.  Like I said mine are not perfect, I didn’t try to be, but they are really cute!


And well, I let the candle burn for like an hour, because I wanted to see how it would react against the flame, or if it would smell.  And here is what it looks like when its being burned.  (And no it did not smell like sharpie when it was burning!)


This one was another possible DIY I didn’t try.  But you could do this with a sharpie on various mediums; tiles, cork, glass, etc!


Hope you enjoy!  It doesn’t quite feel like fall yet here in the south so I haven’t started decorating for fall, but I am getting ready for Halloween!



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