Master Bedroom Furniture Re-do and getting Baffled

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About 2 years ago my husband and I were looking for a new dresser for our bedroom.  I knew I didn’t want to buy it new.  We went to the local thrift stores and antique shops, and found nothing for about 3 weeks.  Then one day way in the back we found it, it was an 8 drawer disaster.  Perfect!

It was only $100, and the shop owner was this really sweet old man who we spoke to for about 30 minutes, I was buttering him up to ask for a discount.  But, at the end I just couldn’t do it, he was too sweet.  We paid the $100 and loaded the piece into our truck.

I’m all for doing things the right way, so that day I sanded it 3 times.  First, with 120 grit sand paper, then with 180 grit, and I finished with 220 grit.

I was going for that beach-y vibe so I knew I wanted to go with a pale blue.  So to Home Depot we went.  I almost walked away with a ton of samples (yeah right….I definitely took them all with me. Projects!) and no paint.  When it comes to paint I can usually pick it right away, its fabric I sweat over.  Anyways, I kept looking for the right blue.  I grabbed one of their color scheme samples and I found it.

Behr Denim Blue Ultra-Premium Satin finish primer and paint in one!

This picture shows it just a bit darker then it actually turns out.

YES! Eliminating a separate primer – GREAT!

Once home I got right to painting.  It took two coats and a light sand in between to complete.

I loved the hardware that was on the piece so I took it off and my husband and I cleaned it up with Brasso.  It was a simple process; just make sure to complete this project outside.  Luckily I had a tarp down but I really don’t know what it would have done to the carpet in my rental.

Here is the final product:

My Painted Dresser

It turned out great.  This picture isn’t the best; I just threw a few things on it quick to get the picture.  The color wasn’t to light or dark, and not to purple or grey.  It’s just a really great shade of pale blue.

The bedroom regained this calming feel to it with this piece.  With my sandy colored upholstered headboard and crisp white bedding.  It was exactly what I wanted, serene, relaxing, and gorgeous.

All who know me know I am a linen snob to the core.  I will be cheap in every other room in my house, but my bed is not one of them.  I loved working for a furniture store because I could get any mattress we sold for 10% above cost, which is significant savings!

Anyways, getting baffled, make sure when you buy a good quality down comforter that it’s baffled…

Here is an example of a baffled comforter from Frontgate.  Basically, it has a box or diamond patterned sewn into it – this keeps the down from pooling down in one corner of the fabric.  It’s super important for longevity of your investment.

My fantastic deal was just after the New Year at Bed Bath and Beyond.  All last year model down comforters were on clearance at 50% off!  So I was all for getting the best one they had.  It was this amazing 600 thread count triple cleaned hypo-allergenic bamboo covered down comforter.  Original price was $500, with 50% off, yep it was $250.  But, even better I was stashing a bunch of old coupons they still redeemed for 20% off.  So we got this amazing deal $200 for a $500 pure luxury down comforter.

Let me know if you have any great purchase stories – I would love to hear about them!

Don’t discard it just because it’s old, sometimes the perfect piece just needs a little tlc.



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