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Along with the national Downtown revitalization efforts came a need for downtown housing.  This brought forth lots of rebirth – big, empty factories and former businesses have had new life breathed into them in the form of loft apartments.  Something lovely in an otherwise purpose-less space.

There’s something enviable about the idea of living in a loft apartment.  Although I am a small-town girl born and raised, I always wanted to live in the city. {And by “the city,” I don’t mean New York.  Something smaller, more Southern.. like Atlanta..? would be my style.}  As far as design elements go, I’ve always favored incorporating stone and wood, along with some metal accents.  I would have thought my style was along the lines of something Southwestern.  That is, until I had my first loft experience.

While we were in college in York, PA, they were finishing up The Lofts on North George Street.  Our instructors took us on a field trip to see a few of these brand new units.  HELLO high ceilings, “old meets new,” smart layouts, and all of the textures and design elements that I love.  I was impressed by how unique each of them were.  I loved the old brick walls, the large amount of natural light in them, the exposed ductwork, and the pocket doors.  They. were. beautiful.

I was recently looking online at real estate, and I ended up on Trulia looking at a few of those same Lofts for sale and rent.  One of those, ironically, is one of the exact ones that we toured.  It was fun to look through the pictures and be swept back to the feeling of being a college student with my whole design career an open slate in front of me.  Right away, I remembered seeing those gorgeous windows luring you into the space, and loving the brick wall that runs the entire length of the condo.  This was the first unit we toured.

One of the Lofts on North George Street – Living Room

I don’t think this bathroom was in one of the units we got to see, but it fits the loft ideal perfectly.  I love the brick accent wall.  It’s certainly not something you see every day!

Loft Bathroom

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Maybe it’s partially because I live in an old town that is currently being “revitalized,” but I am a huge fan of the idea of taking these old buildings and factories that are out of commission and turning them into something new and beautiful.  I’ve been keeping my eye on a local project that has a loft-style flavor to it.  The old Hotel Lewistown building is being converted from a hotel to a series of apartment units.  Although it wasn’t an old factory or ever used for something other than housing, it’s the same concept of revitalizing.

Hotel Lewistown
Built in 1936, it was used as a hotel until it was shut down in 2010.

Hotel Lewistown

I’m actually very excited to see how it turns out.  I’ve met the gentleman who purchased the property, and he has many things in mind for continued {housing} revitalization in Lewistown.  Hopefully, we’ll get to peek at the building when it’s finished.  The newspaper said it was originally expected to be done this coming month, but I haven’t heard any updates.  I just can’t wait to see the transformation!

So, how do you feel about this topic? What do you love about lofts? I’d love to know!

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One thought on “Lofty Business

    Tabitha said:
    September 15, 2013 at 11:20 pm

    I loved the link to the loft living quiz. What a creative way to get your readers thinking and discovering more about their personal style preferences!

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