Colorful Kitchens: For You or Faux Pas

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As much as I also like a clean white kitchen, personally I go for more color.  I am adventurous, I want to see blue, yellow, green, grey, heck even red (my least favorite color).

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, to which I completely agree.  I love being in my kitchen!  I spend a lot of time there – probably because I can see my TV, but I’m a baker by heart.  I’m not chef material, but I can bake.  I love when you walk into my home and smell what I made yesterday.

They say when you are trying to sell your home to make it smell clean and citrus.  I say make some browned butter blueberry bread!  You may even get a request for your recipe in your offer.

Let’s look at a few kitchens and see how they evoke a certain feeling.

Kitchen 1: Look at this lovely French blue kitchen.  You can tell the homeowner wanted a specific look, and it gives a great feeling.  It would be hard not to smile just a little every time I walked into this kitchen.  It says to me, grab the baguette and wine.

If this were my kitchen:  I think I would only make 2 changes.  Instead of 1 lamp over the island I would have done 2, and I would have chosen a different tile for behind the range.  Other than that I love this kitchen!  It wouldn’t work in my beach house, but I still appreciate its style.

Kitchen 2: These red cabinets just entice your eye to look at them.  The designer chose a fabulous shade; it’s just a bit darker than a cherry red, and lighter than a cranberry.  They made this usually small feeling galley kitchen have a great big personality that you just want to be in.

If this were my kitchen: I would have put a white plank cork floor down, it would give the space a little texture and warmth.  And, again, I would have chosen a different lighting arrangement.  This room makes me want to eat ethnic foods, try items I wouldn’t eat normally.

Kitchen 3: The pale yellow and inviting warmth of the wood island makes this kitchen a timeless work space.  Its traditional feel invites gatherings of friends and families to be together.  Bring on the pot roast and the ham!

If this were my kitchen: I wouldn’t have done the metal backsplash behind the range.  And it looks like the rest of the backsplash is bead board, which I would have done in a different color than yellow. To me it needs a little bit of visual separation.

Each one of these kitchens have a different feeling to them.  You can get a high style look from colorful cabinets.  Just make sure the design is cohesive throughout.

You have to know how you want your home to feel.  It is more important for you or your designers to understand how you use the space, then what color cabinets you want.



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