These Are a Few of my Favorite Things

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Like Melissa’s post last week, I’m going to share a little bit more about me.  We want this blog to be a way to get to know us better, as well as a place to talk design. My favorite things are a little random, but they won’t be a surprise to those who know me well. Some are serious, some a little insignificant, but they all make me who I am.

My family is so, so important to me.  My husband is my #1. He and the kids are my stronghold, but every member of my family means a whole lot to me!  My sister is my best girlfriend.  My parents have supported me through everything I’ve experienced.  I am also one of the “lucky ones” to have gotten to live my 28 years of life with all 4 of my immediate grandparents in it!  I am so blessed.

With my older sister and younger brother. Yes.. I’m a MIDDLE child! 😉


My faith is my core.  Along with that goes my church family.  We  are fortunate to belong to a unique church that is much more like family than you could imagine.  I’m on the Creative Team, which is basically a group of people that meet monthly to help to make our church the unique experience it is.  For every new series, I have the privilege of  being able to decorate the kids’ hall!  Sometimes it’s hard work.. but it’s also a lot of fun.  Since the space is challenging to decorate, I’ve grown a lot in creativity this past year!

The current kids’ hall. This summer, we’ve been going through a “Heroes of the Bible” series.

Okay, so those were my “serious” things.  Now for the light-hearted, sort of goofy things!

Steelers Football.

Oh yeah.  LOOOVE my Steelers.  Growing up 35 minutes from State College, PA, I’m also a born Penn State fan.. but I definitely prefer pro football.



If you’re still into candles, you should really consider “quitting the wick.”  Scentsy is a safer, flameless alternative that costs less than Yankee and smells BETTER!  I love it so much that I’m now a consultant.

My favorite warmer is my gallery warmer, and my favorite scent is pumpkin roll.

Sheetz french vanilla cappuccino. I don’t drink coffee, but every winter, I drink as much cappuccino as I can. This stuff has gotten me through many a cold morning, and several road trips!

sheetz coffee

Finally, I like creating.  I was born a designer.  Whether it’s a beautiful room, person (My kids are some of my best creations! lol), or craft item, I enjoy making things that are lovely to look at.  I’m always working on something, but here are a couple of my latest favorite things.

Pallet art! I made this silhouette for my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding in July.
Fall paper flower bouquet I made a couple weeks ago.. I’m already in that Fall mood!

Thanks for letting me share a little bit about me!  I hope you enjoyed it.



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