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Welcome to Nautical Mountain Designs!  Who are we?  We are Melissa Marlatt and Cherie Miller; two fun, independent women who are both designers and friends. We met in college at The Art Institute of York, Pennsylvania in 2003 and as they say, the rest is history.  With a shared passion for interior design, football, and lots of laughter, we became fast friends.  The name Nautical Mountain Designs is a merger of both of our spirits and roots.  We both love the beach, the sand, the surf.  We also love the state we call home – Pennsylvania – with all of the beautiful mountains and rural areas.

We’re both from rural Central Pennsylvania, which is where we have our roots. Melissa’s desire for success has led her through several career paths and many moves in the years after college.  She met her husband, Jon, and they were married in the dream setting of Hawaii in 2010.  This spring, they made their last move to Myrtle Beach, SC to capture the spirit of the never-ending vacation.  They hope to start a family together soon.

Myrtle Beach in the morning.  Photographed by Melissa Marlatt.
Myrtle Beach in the morning. Photographed by Melissa Marlatt.


Cherie met her husband Jeb at her first job out of college.  Ironically, Jeb’s background is in biology, and Cherie knew her big city design dreams were not realistic.  She chose to follow the love of her life wherever his career leads.  Together, they have 3 children.

The mountains of Central Pennsylvania.
Photo taken by Jeb Miller.

Cherie has had her own design business, CDH Designs, for the past several years.  Upon having her third child, she quit working as a kitchen designer for a large corporation to run her business from home.  She loves sharing her design ideas and talent with others.  We have decided to share our life journeys, our passion for design, and the other quirks that make us who we are in this blog.   We will be blogging primarily about design, but also about where we live, what we are making, and any other interesting recipes or tidbits we feel like.  It will be fun, goofy, and even emotional at times, but we want to invite you to join us on our journey!


Let us know what you think!

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